Things To Do With Your Wedding Dress After The Wedding

Your wedding dress is the most important piece of clothing you will ever buy or possess. This is not only because it mirrors the most significant day of your life but also because it is a manifestation of hours and hours of planning that went into its design and making. And after you have walked down the aisle in it and after you as the blushing bride have returned from your honeymoon, the question is – what to do with the wedding dress.

Apart from the emotive issues linked to a wedding dress, there are other factors that have to be taken into consideration. Any wedding dress is specific to the occasion, it is almost impossible to pass it off as a daily wear. It is too gorgeous even for a formal occasion. Nobody goes to a high end event – even the Ascot – in a wedding dress. Most importantly, wedding dresses are elaborate lace and satin affairs and takes up a lot of storage space. Yet, when the thought of disposing it comes to mind, you develop cold feet.

To get around this dilemma ways can be explored to preserve the fabric though not in the form of a wedding dress. It’s something like having your cake and eating it too!

Recoup your Investment Partly

When it comes to a wedding dress, few brides-to-be think of the expenses involved bore splurging on one. Hence if you have a wedding gown that has cost you a fortune, explore avenues to recoup a part of your expenses after the dust of your wedding day has settled fully. There are sites for wedding dresses in Melbourne where you can advertise you gown along with a couple of pictures from different angles. You might not get the amount you have in mind but it will definitely be enough to have a romantic dinner date with your husband. What better occasion than this to pay with your wedding dress!

Donate it to Charity

Your wedding dress has so many memories linked to it that you don’t want to let go of it. True. But think of the joy it would bring to a young under privileged woman who cannot afford a wedding dress for the most important day of her life. Donate your dress to a charity helping out women in distress. This is especially relevant for metros. For example, standard wedding dresses might be beyond the financial capabilities of most women. Your dress will bring cheer to their lives. Remember the old saying – happiness shared doubles itself.

Recycle your Dress

It will break your heart to dump your wedding dress anywhere, but what if there were ways that you could preserve it in a different form. A wedding dress is all lace and satin and would therefore be ideal for accessories. Take a necklace for example. Cut out the lace from your dress, back it up with satin and imbed it with artificial pearls or glittering stones. Or have a beautiful lace clutch stitched out of the dress. And when somebody compliments you on style, proudly say that it was once your wedding dress and be prepared for the look of surprise. Better still have lingerie made out of silk and lace and closely observe the amazement of your husband when you tell him that he had seen the full version of the fabric once!

Save it for an Important Occasion

There are so many family events that are very important for you- a christening or garter or bouquet wrap for your god-daughter or future daughter. Wear your wedding dress and give the women in the family a level of acknowledgement that is almost at par with your wedding. You can also store the dress for your future daughter-in-law or daughter. But then, you will be imposing your preferences on THEIR great day. It is not very realistic if you have this in mind.

Give it a Complete Makeover

You have burned midnight oil designing and redesigning your wedding dress and choosing the right fabric. It is such a waste if you dump your lovely creation. Why don’t you have it designed to a completely new shape and style after dyeing it in bright colours? There are outlets specialising in wedding dresses in Melbourne and Sydney that will help you out in this regard. It will be an outfit with drop-dead looks and you get it at a nominal cost.

These are just a few pointers for what you can do with your wedding dress after the wedding. Let your imagination run riot and come up with more unique possibilities.