These are the 8 best online wedding planning tools for modern couples.

Online tools are used to manage finances, edit photos, and book holidays. Digital is the new standard for wedding planning.

If it saves time and streamlines the process of wedding planning, we’re all for using modern technology. With so many smart online tools at our disposal, it’s never been easier to go digital in your wedding planning.

We have compiled 8 of the most popular online tools for wedding planning, including floor planners and budget calculators.

Google Drive

Google Drive is the best online tool for wedding file organization! Google Drive can be used as a file storage system. It is accessible from all your devices. Google Drive is cloud-based, so you can upload files and create new documents. You can also share folders with suppliers and partners. Instead of chasing down receipts, invoices and contracts, you can keep all your wedding files in one place.

Build a Wedding Website

Are you looking forward to receiving multiple calls, emails and texts from your guests leading up to your wedding? Creating your personalized wedding website will allow you to share all the information you need with your guests. This will help you save time and streamline communication. You can use your wedding website to tell your love storyintroduce your bridal party and set the tone of your event.


You’re likely familiar with Pinterest for finding inspiration and ideas for your wedding day. This innovative platform can be used to simplify your wedding planning. You can collaborate with your wedding suppliers by using shared boards or using the search function to find specific planning queries such as “wedding decor checklist” and “DIY flower bouquet tutorial”. You can also use our search function to find local wedding venues and vendors.

Budget calculator

It can be difficult and confusing to create your wedding budget. This is especially true when you break down each supplier and allocate that budget. An online budget calculator can be a great tool. It will help you estimate the cost of each element of your wedding. Enter your total budget, and the calculator will provide you with a rough breakdown that can help you allocate your money accordingly.

All Seated

Are you having trouble with your seating plan? We hear you. All Seated is an online tool that can help you organize your ideas. You can create your floor plan online and adjust the dimensions to fit your space. You can easily see what seating arrangement is best for your space, from long dining tables to individual round tables.

Digital Wedding Planner

It can be easy to get overwhelmed by all the planning involved in making your wedding a reality.

digital planner will help you keep track of your wedding tasks and ensure that you are productive and organized in the days leading up to them. You can create your to-do list and add deadlines. Set up automated reminders to help you see what needs to get done next.


Music is a key factor in creating the atmosphere and ambiance at your wedding. It’s easy to find music to get the dance floor hopping!

Spotify, a music platform that includes a huge library of tracks, makes it easy to create playlists and stream them for your big day. You can create your playlist with the songs you love or search for “wedding reception” to see hundreds of pre-made playlists. You could share your playlists directly with a DJ or entertainer if you booked them. This will allow them to tailor their set.

Timeline for Wedding Planning

Are you unsure when to book your wedding photographer? Start gown hunting? Or get your hair and make-up done? This 12-month timeline breaks down your wedding planning process, providing you with a useful outline and helping you not procrastinate about any important tasks. This is particularly useful for those who tend to put off important tasks until the last minute.

Have fun planning!