These are the 6 best wedding blogs to follow in 2022

Searching for the perfect blog to write about weddings is similar to searching for the right dress or venue. Finding the right wedding blog can be overwhelming when so many websites offer inspiration and tips.

We compiled six of the top wedding blogs to help you choose the right one for you. They cover everything you need, from how-to guides and real weddings to printables, inspiration, and even suggestions for planning.

Joy for Wedding Planning Inspiration and Advice is also available. You will find real weddings and gorgeous venues. We’ll show you how our website and mobile application can assist with every step of your wedding planning.

One Fab Day

Who manages it?

Susan Gallagher and Naoise McNally have run one Fabulous Day for the past 10 years. McNally also serves as the blog’s managing editor.

Why should you bookmark One Fab Day?

One Fab Day is proud to be Ireland’s most visited wedding blog. You will find a variety of real weddings, by season and location, as well as dresses for every bride’s style and checklists for honeymoon planning. We’re imagining a One Fab Day USA edition.

One Fab Day has thousands of tutorials and articles that will help you solve any problem or question you might have during your wedding day. It outlines the must-haves for an elopement. Learn how to plan the table and discover which new floral designs and trends were in 2020.

A blog post titled “How do you pee in your wedding dress?” This article outlines a practical and DIY plan for what to do if the toilet calls. It includes testing the bathroom as soon as you can fit the bridal gown.

Women getting married

Who manages it?

Lindsay Goldenberg Jones is the editor and founder of Woman Get Married. Goldenberg Jones has a background in editorial work in digital and print media, including publications such as Rolling Stone or Maxim.

After her engagement, she started Woman Getting Married in Nov 2009. The blog was initially a diary of her experiences in wedding planning, but it quickly evolved into a resource for venues for weddings as she searched for the right venue.

Woman Getting Married became a blog passion project for Goldenberg Jones, who has a keen interest in the wedding industry. The site has grown to include all the latest trends in wedding planning.

Why should you bookmark Woman Getting Married?

Every month, more than 400,000 brides go to Woman Getting Married! Women Getting Married lets brides search for the most beautiful wedding venues in their state. They can also read reviews about the spaces.

The blog also features lots of inspiration for wedding dresses. Avid readers might also notice that Bustle & Veil is mentioned on Woman Getting Married’s social networks bios. Goldenberg Jones is also co-founder of Bustle & Veil, which aims to solve another major problem in weddings: finding the right bridesmaid dresses.

The bride needs to schedule a Bustle & Veil Party with her bridesmaids. She can also put on music and pop some bubbly. With the help of a Bustle & Veil stylist, she can shop stunning, affordable wedding styles for everyone at home.

The Budget-Savy Bride

Who manages it?

Jessica Bishop founded the Budget-Savvy Bride. Bishop is also known for being a “Budget Wedding Specialist” and has shared her financial advice on wedding day finances with many media outlets, including Good Morning America and Refinery29. Her book The Budget Smart Wedding Planner & Organizer is a bestseller on Amazon.

Why should you bookmark The Budget-Savy Bride?

Who wouldn’t like to save some money on their wedding? The Budget Savvy Bride is a trusted resource that helps couples plan affordable destination weddings all over the globe. These are great ideas for weddings and include financial and vendor tips.

Have you considered choosing an off-peak “save-the-date” wedding date as a budget hack? At-home date nights can help reduce monthly expenses and calculate your wedding budget. A staged exit could be a way to save on wedding photography.

For real budget breakdowns, you can visit the Weddings by Budget resource. It contains real budget breakdowns for weddings starting at $1k and ending at $20k.


Who manages it?

Camille Abbott founded unbridled. Abbott, an Australian Marriage Celebrant, noticed a disturbing pattern in couples. They were getting more stressed about their wedding day.

Even the happiest couples were overwhelmed by the planning pressure and 200+ hours spent on the wedding planning process. Abbott saw an opportunity to solve this problem by creating Unbridely. Unbridled, a team of wedding professionals makes wedding planning easier and more enjoyable. This is how weddings should be planned.

Why should you bookmark Unbridely?

What does it mean to be unbridled? Unbridled is a term that refers to a couple who expresses their unique values through wedding planning (without being pretentious).

You may want to celebrate your wedding but not in a circus-like way. Many couples aren’t looking for the perfect wedding on Pinterest.

Unbridled offers professional wedding planning advice and free resources for wedding planning on its blog. Watch new Unbridely TV Episodes, which feature interviews with recently married couples (such as Gavin’s heart-led winery marriage). These episodes discuss the realities of wedding planning. Explore bridal thoughts and get behind-the-scenes information from floral designers. You can also learn how to plan DIY projects such as a boho or backyard wedding.

The Offbeat Bride

Who manages it?

Ariel Meadow Stallings, founder and publisher of Offbeat Empire, launched The Offbeat Bride to promote her 2007 book Offbeat Bride. This popular blog has a lot of posts (actually, just over 7k) that are full of inspiration and advice for couples who want to change their wedding planning approach.

Why should you bookmark The Offbeat Bride?

The Offbeat Bride is the perfect tool for brides-to-be who don’t know where to begin in the wedding planning process. The Offbeat Bride offers tools such as wedding planning checklists, spreadsheets and other resources to help you stay calm and keep your wedding plans on track. Need help writing your vows? You can find templates and planning guides here.

The Offbeat Bride was our first stop when we scrolled through. We paused at the image of a newly married couple. As they celebrated their elopement in Philadelphia, Angela, the bride, wore an elegant gold gown and Vojtech, her groom, a deep-blue suit.

The Offbeat Bride is about being authentic to your love story in the heartbeat of the city you love. Offbeat Bridal City Guides are new to this website. These guides provide couples with the inside scoop on how to get married in major cities such as Los Angeles, Atlanta, Seattle, and many other hot locations.

Junebug Weddings

Who manages it?

Although there are many people in the Junebug weddings team of professionals, Carrie Schwab serves as the site’s Editor and General Manager. Schwab helped to curate some of the most loved photo collections about beautiful weddings around the globe. These photos have been shared via major media outlets, including BuzzFeed and The Huffington Post.

Why bookmark Junebug Weddings

Junebug Weddings’ blog is an eye-opening visual feast. You’ll find more amazing wedding inspiration every time you dig deeper.

Junebug Weddings was founded on the belief that couples worldwide can find inspiration for their wedding planning. You can browse the blog to find trusted vendor guides globally, such as venues, photographers, florists, and wedding organizers.