The 12-Month Wedding Planning Timeline

Although planning a wedding can be difficult, some systems make it easier. A simple, straightforward process of organizing your wedding will help you save hours of stress down the road.

It can be overwhelming to have so many things on your list as a bride. It can be not easy to know what is important and when. Although you may already have a list of tasks, it is important to prioritize them and set deadlines to stay on track.

You should make a realistic budget for your wedding. This should be the first task you take on. This budget will influence all decisions you make, so it is important to discuss this with your partner.

Define your wedding vision

Now is the time to decide what kind of wedding you want. It is important to define your wedding vision before you start making inquiries and booking vendors. You can start this step immediately, regardless of whether you’ve been planning your wedding secretly on Pinterest for six months or want to have a conversation with your partner.

Choose your wedding date.

Are you thinking about when you would like to be married? You can begin to inquire with wedding vendors by writing down your dream date. You might want to reach out to your closest and dearest friends and family members to confirm if the chosen date is available, especially if someone is traveling overseas.

Your guest list is ready to go.

A rough estimate of guests is necessary to get quotes from most vendors, select the right venue, and determine the price. This doesn’t necessarily have to be the final count. However, start creating a list of people you would love to have on your wedding day.

Book your wedding venue

It is important to secure your venue in advance if you are keen on having a ceremony or reception there. It would be best if you remembered that some venues can only host one wedding per weekend and can be booked well in advance. These tips will help you find the ideal wedding venue.

Contact your dream venue early to confirm availability, make a visit and secure a deposit. The venue will impact your other wedding decisions, such as decor and rental choices.

You can replace this step with booking your marquee if you’re hosting your wedding in your home or on private property.

Book your wedding planner

Due to their nature, wedding planners are highly sought after, and only a few are available each year. You have decided to hire a wedding planner for your wedding day, so get in touch early so that they can schedule you in their calendar.

A full wedding planner will usually want to be involved immediately if you have decided to hire them. They can help with sourcing vendors’ quotes and bring your vision to life. If you decide to do the wedding planning yourself, you can use project management software designed specifically.

Book videographer and photographer

Photographers and videographers are also booked quickly, just like wedding planners. This is one of your most important investments. Your wedding video and photos will be the memories that you cherish forever. Do not leave this task to the last minute if your dream vendors have already been booked – we can help!

Begin to research other vendors and get quotes

It is possible not to lock in other vendors as early as possible (unless you have a particular supplier in mind). This is a great time to get in touch with other vendors and get an idea of pricing and process.

To inquire about their services, get in touch with local florists, entertainers, celebrants and caterers. Ask for price lists or catalogs and verify their availability on your chosen date. This information should be kept in a place that is easy to locate so you can easily refer to it when necessary.