Roles and Responsibilities for Wedding Party Parties

A dedicated team of people works behind the scenes to ensure a great wedding. They don’t get paid for it, and it’s not part of their day job. Instead, they do it out of love, excitement, and support for the happy couple. It’s time for us to discuss your important wedding party!

Your wedding party comprises the bridal squad, the bride tribe and the entourage. Each member plays an important role in the planning of your day and the actual day. It is important to recognize the various roles they will play throughout the entire experience.

You may feel overwhelmed as a newly engaged bride. There are months, sometimes even years of preparation required. There are months (or even years) of preparation and preplanning involved. Then it would be best if you considered how the day would unfold. Your wedding party is here to help!

The Wedding Party – Who’s Who

Who are the key people at your wedding party? The most important people in your life should be part of your wedding party.

Although it might be just a small group of your closest and dearest or a larger number of your favorite people, a traditional wedding party will include these roles:

  • The chief bridesmaid, matron or maid-of-honor, or maid of honor.
  • Bridesmaids
  • The best man or chief groomsmen
  • Groomsmen
  • The bride and the groom are also important! Or bride and groom, or groom and bride! ).

Maid of Honour

Your maid of honor is your right-hand lady and wedding sidekick. She will save you from pulling your hair out on multiple occasions. Your maid of honor is your friend, sister or cousin and will be there for you during your big day.

The title maid-of-honor refers only to unmarried women. If your right-hand woman has been married, her title will be matron. Some brides opt to have both a maid of honor and a matron of honor. It is entirely up to them!

The following are generally the responsibilities of the maid or matron o honor:

Before the wedding:

  • General advice and assistance in planning weddings. You can think of her as a sounding board for all your wedding-related thoughts and questions!
  • Assisting with the duties of your bridesmaids. You can delegate tasks to your maids, and she can oversee all decisions made by the group, such as bridesmaid dresses or accessories.
  • Assisting with the planning of any pre-wedding events involving the bride. She will also host the events and help to pay the expenses.
  • Participating in your dress hunting experience and accompanying you at the fittings. When you find “The One”, expect tears!
  • Assist with DIY wedding tasks such as addressing invites, placing cards and making guest favors.
  • Participating in your rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.
  • Covering the cost of her bridesmaid dress, shoes, and accessories.

The Wedding Day

  • Relaxing and soothing your nerves.
  • As the wedding vendor’s emergency contact, communicate with vendors to resolve any last-minute problems. You need to be completely unaware of any problems that may occur and help to solve them.
  • As you walk down the aisle, hold your veil and train.
  • Take part in the recessional and processional.
  • During the ceremony, hold your bouquet.
  • Keep the groom’s ring in your hand until the ceremony is over.
  • As a witness, sign your marriage certificate.
  • Make sure to check your hair and fix any lipstick smudges and stray hairs throughout the day.
  • Toasting your guests at the reception dinner


Your bridesmaids will play an important role in your wedding experience, whether one or two of your closest friends or ten of your favorite girls.

These ladies are worth your time.

Before the wedding:

  • Assist your maid-of-honor and perform any delegated tasks.
  • Assisting with the organization of pre-wedding events and contributing to the cost of extra festivities such as your hen’s celebration. These events are a great way to get attention and have a blast!
  • Participating in the selection process of details such as bridesmaid dresses or accessories and helping with the scouting process.
  • Participate in the rehearsal and dinner for your ceremony.
  • Covering the cost of their bridesmaid dresses, shoes and accessories.

The Wedding Day

  • As a calm influence, you help to prepare for the day.
  • Before the ceremony, make sure you lookout for the flower girls and page boys (if applicable).
  • Take part in the recessional and processional.
  • Take care of your handbag and clutch, and be prepared with items such as lipstick, band-aids, and concealer in case of an emergency.
  • You will be the first to get on the dance floor and kick off the evening’s festivities.

The Best Man

Even the most laid-back groom needs someone to lean on during wedding preparations. His best man will be his savior!

These are the tasks that the best man will usually have on his to-do list.

Before the wedding:

  • Assist in managing the rest of the groomsmen and delegating tasks as necessary.
  • The organization of suit fittings and alterations with groomsmen. Please pick up the suits once they are complete.
  • Covering the cost of his suit, shoes, and tie.
  • Organizing pre-wedding events such as the bucks party and hosting the event. He will also communicate the event plans to your groomsmen and any other invitees.
  • Assisting the groom with advice, support, and assistance on the big day.
  • Participating in the rehearsal dinner and ceremony rehearsal.

The Wedding Day

    • Ensure that the groomsmen arrive on time for the ceremony.
    • Take part in the recessional and processional.
    • Hold your ring for the groom until the ceremony is over.
    • As a witness, sign your marriage certificate.
    • Assisting suppliers with any cash payments or last-minute questions.
    • Support the groom with any other tasks that may arise on the wedding day.
    • Toasting the groom and you at your reception.


  • The groomsmen are an important part of the wedding party, even if they are lively. These guys are not to be dismissed!
  • The following tasks are usually the responsibility of the groomsmen:

Before the wedding:

    • Assisting in suit fittings and making decisions about suit style, color, and shoes.
    • Covering the cost of their suit, including any accessories.
    • Complete any task or responsibility delegated by the Best Man.
    • Assisting the groom with the organization of the bucks party and any pre-wedding events and contributing to any costs.
    • Participating in the rehearsal dinner and ceremony rehearsal.

The Wedding Day

    • Maintain calm and ensure that the groom is hydrated.
    • Assisting guests in greeting them upon their arrival, helping them find their seats, leading them to the bathroom, and answering any questions.
    • Take part in the recessional and processional.
    • Assist with removing heavy or bulky items after the ceremony, such as chairs or arbors.
    • Decorate your wedding getaway car.
    • Get on the dance floor with the bridesmaids!

Bride & Groom

  • Now for the most important members of your wedding party, the happy couple! While you may have your wedding party’s support, you should not let them take all the responsibility. ).
  • A bride does not want to be a Bridezilla.
  • These are the tasks you should be responsible for:
    • Choosing your wedding vision and the overall feel of the day.
    • Setting your budget for your wedding and sticking to it.
    • Meeting with suppliers, sourcing quotes and booking wedding vendors.
    • Create your guest list and a seating plan.
    • Sending invitations, creating your website, and tracking your RSVPs
    • Keep track of vendor payments and deposit payments.
    • Writing your wedding vows.
    • Create the run-sheet of your day (if you haven’t hired a wedding planner).
  • After your big day, don’t forget to show your appreciation for your wedding party stars. Let’s face it, and you wouldn’t be able to do it without them. So cheers to your wedding band, and raise a glass at the reception for them! You can also show your appreciation by sending a thoughtful thank-you card or gift.