How to Throw a Purple Wedding: Tips and Tricks for Creating The Perfect Day

Do you dream of a purple wedding day? At Peerspace, we get it! Purple can add elegance, fun and even a touch of royalty to your wedding. There are many shades of purple so that you can make this a wedding colour theme. Inside Weddings says: “Bold brides love to use purple as their primary colour. While couples who only want a touch of purple can incorporate it into their invitations, bouquets and even bridesmaid dresses, they can also use the royal colour in the wedding colours.”

Keep reading if you are planning to throw a purple wedding. This article will help you find the perfect venue, plan stunning decor, pair purple with other colours, and incorporate shades of violet and delicate lavender into your wedding dress.

Find your perfect purple wedding venue.

Finding a great venue for your wedding is a must-have when you start planning. The venue is crucial to ensuring a successful ceremony.

Peerspace is the largest online marketplace for renting these types of spaces. It’s one of the best tools for locating wedding venues.

We will next share some examples of Peerspaces that make the perfect settings for a purple wedding.

Bohemian Rock & Roll Lounge in San Francisco, CA

You might want to go all-out with your purple theme wedding and choose a primarily purple venue for your backdrop. This lounge in San Francisco is a great choice if you’re interested.

The spaces aesthetic is described by the hosts as follows. The space “reflects the edgy, throwback glamour of Marianne Faithfull.” This intimate space has vintage rock and roll vibes with low lighting, royal purple walls, posh leather, and Zebra banquettes. This is the place to go if you are looking for retro and lots of purple.

One reviewer, who booked an event at this location, said that Alisha and her staff were very helpful and thorough in helping me organize my 70-year-old themed birthday party. The location was ideal for hosting a party, dinner and bartender service. All the staff were friendly and did an amazing job accommodating my guests and me.”

Modern Weddings, Events, and Creative Studio Space in Toronto (Ontario

You might look for a less formal wedding venue that is more flexible to your decorating preferences. This elegant, sophisticated space is an excellent example of what Peerspace can offer. The 2,500-square-foot space is industrial-style and features a six-foot-tall chandelier.

The rental includes the main space and two additional rooms that can be used to get ready for the big day, such as getting dressed and having your makeup and hair done in comfort. You can also find various services at the venue, making it a one-stop shop. They can also provide decor if needed.

This location is ideal for medium-sized weddings: The maximum capacity for a seated reception is 120 guests. Couples who want a sit-down meal and dance floor can host as many as 100 people. Consider holding your wedding in Toronto if you live near Toronto.

Purple goes well with complementary colours.

You won’t find your purple wedding purple. So you might be wondering which colours would best complement it. Contrasting colours such as yellow, green and orange can be used to create a bold colour palette. It can also be used with white, silver, grey and neutrals such as taupe, the traditional wedding colour.

Many colour combinations can be used with purple. The possibilities are endless. The Spruce offers a list of 12 colour combinations that go well with this majestic hue.

Purple wedding decor

Purple satin table runners enhance the visual drama for those who are using deep purples for their wedding. If you prefer to stick with muted colours, a long length of lavender fabric wrapped around your wedding arch will look stunning.

You can also bring purple into your wedding bouquet and floral centrepieces. For a more striking look, you can use lilac or lavender flowers, but you could also use orchids, purple roses or irises.

Purple bridalwear

You don’t necessarily have to wear a traditional white gown to a purple wedding. If you wear a white gown, there are still plenty of options to incorporate purple with your makeup and accessories.

Check out this purple bridal makeup tutorial by Jacinda Jae.

The symbolism will be strong if you choose to wear a purple wedding dress. Deeper tones are associated with strength and power, while paler colours suggest romance and nostalgia.