It is not something I will sugarcoat. A Day of Coordinator is one of the most difficult things to DIY for your wedding. My cousin was my Coordinator, and I can attest to this. She did an incredible job; I’m not going to lie. After working in the wedding industry for many years, I have learned the differences between a DIY coordinator and a professional Day of Coordinator. This post isn’t about why you should hire professionals. This post is about DIYing the perfect Day of Coordinator for your wedding.

Let’s begin with who you should not choose: Yourself, your future spouse and any bridal party members. These people are crucial on your marriage day and cannot be in two places simultaneously. Your maid-of-honor cannot be in the bridal party photos and give direction for the centerpieces.

You want someone who is organized and not afraid to tell others what to do. I don’t mean to be rude, but you should direct people gently with a firm voice if necessary. You should be able and willing to trust the person you are working with. You must have a relaxed wedding day. You don’t want to micro-manage the Day of Coordinator. It would help if you were a hard worker and a go-getter for your Day of Coordinator. A person who will not sit still until someone asks them a question. Someone who will solve problems before they are known.

Similar to high school. Grab a three-ring binder, three punches, and three-ring tab separators. This binder will serve as your central hub for information about your Day-Of Coordinator. This binder will be their lifeline on the big day. Don’t forget to include as much information as you can. Be sure to make it easy for them to find the information. An additional helpful tool is a table of contents. These are the key pieces of information you should include:


Name of the Vendor & Point Of Contact

Vendor Phone Number

Copy of all agreements

Florist – List of bouquets, boutonnieres and other flowers, and who gets the day of (bouts–groomsmen, fathers and grandparents).

Photographer – Timeline and shot list for Photographer

Bar – What drinks they’ll be serving, and when. Special drink list.

Caterer – The meals they will be serving. Meals for vendors’ details.

Day Of Timeline

When will each vendor arrive?

When will the bride/groom arrive?

Establish a timeline

Photographer timeline

Set up Information

Establish a timeline

List of supplies

Get information and instructions

Map of venues

If you’re doing DIY design, here are some sample photos of table designs.


Processional/Recessional order

Copy of Vows

Copy of the Ceremony (if you did it yourself)

Music to be played

Reserved rows or any other special seating arrangements


Timeline for reception

Songs for each activity (mother/son dance, first dance, etc.

Liste of toasters

They must coordinate special events (dollar dances, sparkler exits, etc.).

Whew. It was quite a task. The more you know how to set up your Day of Coordinator, the less you’ll have to do on your wedding day. This brings me to the next point.

This tip is split into two parts. Part 1: Provide all vendors with your Day-Of Coordinator information before the wedding! If possible, give your information to vendors at least 2 to 4 weeks before the wedding. You can let them know they can reach you on your wedding day. Then, contact your Coordinator. Give them their phone number and name.

Part 2: Keep a list of contacts for your Day-of Coordinator with you at all times. Anyone who assisted you in planning the wedding or making/planning the decorations would be the most useful contact. Here you can list Mom, Dad and Maid of Honor.

Your schedule is likely to be packed before the wedding. It is important to treat your Day of Coordinator as any other vendor. A meeting should be held with them approximately 1 to 2 weeks before the wedding. It doesn’t need to be formal. Invite them to a coffee shop or dinner party. Review everything in your binder. Take a look at the wedding day. You can tell them if there are family members you don’t get along with or if you will be doing surprise dances during the reception.

Your Coordinator can get a better feel for the wedding by attending the rehearsal. If they are unfamiliar with key people at your wedding, this will allow them to meet your parents and bridal party. You can show them the venue and explain how it should be set up and where you will get dressed. It was hard work getting someone to coordinate your wedding. Now is the time to relax and enjoy the benefits. You can enjoy your wedding day to its fullest, knowing everything will be taken care of.