Blogger Spotlight: Overwhelmed Bride

You manage the blog The Overwhelmed Bridal. Please tell us how you got started!

It was a natural thing that I did! When a young girl from my sorority started her own company for wedding planning, I was an intern in wedding planning. She reached out to our chapter, asking if we would be interested in interning for her at weddings. I said yes, and so began my career as a wedding coordinator.

It was a great job. I got a job as a coordinator right out of college. Then, I moved to work at a start-up company for weddings, then quit that company to pursue a new career. Because I cannot sit still, I created a blog to have fun. It was so popular that I decided to start a full-time blog! The rest is history.

Who is the Overwhelmed Bride? What are her greatest stressors?

No matter your industry expertise, every bride is overwhelmed. A bride can’t prepare for her wedding day without a coordinator.

She also has the support and opinions of her family and friends, which pulls her in all directions. You get the idea.

What was the best thing about bringing The Overwhelmed Brid to life?

Writing articles that answer questions from my followers is what I love. They are my greatest inspiration and the reason I blog. I want to help them plan their wedding and make it as stress-free and enjoyable as possible. My blog is worth every single effort. I love seeing the weddings come alive as my brides send me their photos for publication.

It’s a new experience, and I am stressed about wedding planning. What makes weddings so overwhelming?

It’s almost like those mentioned above, but there are many moving parts. You must make many decisions, from the song selection to the dressing for your salad. It can be stressful.

Even the smallest details aren’t difficult to manage, but you will be overwhelmed if you have a long list to make. Take it one step at a time.

How can couples stay connected while planning their wedding?

Many couples become stressed out and start fighting about their wedding plans. This can lead to stress instead of fun. This is not what we want. The wedding is about you and your marriage. You can have fun planning together, such as a wine date, coffee date, or anywhere else that’s relaxing and fun for you two to work out your plan.

What do you love about the wedding industry?

It is a wonderful industry, but it is so small. I’ve met many top bloggers and even started a company called Aisle Society. Even though we all blog about weddings, it is not a competition. We work together to help each other grow.

What would you choose to focus on in the wedding industry?

I enjoy showcasing the final product of couples who have been with me through the planning process. But I also love the details. Information is my forte, and I love helping brides plan their weddings. If I could only blog about one aspect of the wedding, it would be marriage. That is why weddings are so important.

Which 2016 trends are you most excited to see?

This question is one I get asked a lot. While there are certain trends I love and others I don’t, I don’t like answering them because every wedding should be unique and completely you. It doesn’t matter if I like or dislike a trend. Plan what you love, and make your personality shine. That’s what matters.

What trends are you most excited about in 2017?

It’s so exciting to see the changes in color as the seasons change. Every season brings new colors to our Instagram feeds. It’s amazing to see the variety of combinations and colors people create! If I had to pick one, it would be Etsy’s unique and fun wedding finds that small shop owners have created.

Although you are happily married, we wonder what you would do differently if you had the chance to do it again?

I don’t know if I would have done anything differently. My wedding day was wonderful, and I loved it so much that we didn’t focus on the small details that people might forget. We wanted everyone to have fun, so we decided not to worry about those little details. It was crucial to hire a good DJ! Even four years later, people still talk about our DJ and his great time with everyone!

Many couples are trying to find a way to budget for their wedding. How can you keep costs down?

The best way to cut costs is with the guest list. This little chart I created called “Guest list in 30 seconds” is a great way to reduce your guest list. Even five guests can make a big difference in your budget if you do the math. Think about it: more guests means more favors, place settings and staff. More people also mean more food, drinks, table settings, staff, tables, linens, centerpieces, etc. It would help if you considered more than the cost of food when inviting guests.

What would you tell couples to spend on their wedding items?

Spend what makes you happy. Photography was my favorite, as those photos will last a lifetime. Spend a lot on the food if you are a foodie. Spend more if you enjoy beach views. Spend whatever makes you and your partner happy.

Joy believes that joy is eternal, even though a marriage lasts for a day. What does this mean for you?

Every couple should be focused on their marriage. That is why every other week, a pastor writes articles about marriage. What good is a wedding if you’re not focused on your marriage? Do not let stress get in the way of your love. Your marriage is your priority.