an indoor ceremony is combined with an outdoor reception. With an average of 299 sunny days per year, it is important to plan for the sun, not the rain. Due to my extensive experience with outdoor weddings and the fact we must plan for the sun more often than the rain, the general guidelines for outdoor weddings in Arizona are not what I would recommend. My list was created as a professional wedding photographer to assist all Arizona brides.

Even in February, hanging out in formal clothes can get hot. (Seriously. It’s February afternoons in tank top weather. This is not just for the altar person but also for your guests. While loud fans are unnecessary, I recommend having small monogrammed bottles of water that your guests can enjoy while they wait for the ceremony’s start. In warmer months, you might consider adding handheld fans to your mix.

You may want to consider ways to keep your Phonexian guests warm if you’re getting married in Northern Arizona in the winter. You could give them hand-warmers or warm cider, or lightweight shawls.

Your guests will not want to sit in direct sunlight if any seats are available for your ceremony. Shaded seats will be filled first, and some guests prefer to sit in the shade rather than in the sun. You want your photos to look full and not like you have a shortage of guests. They did indeed show up! Your planner should ask guests to fill out the seats near the aisle just before the ceremony.

If your seats face the sun, create a shaded area where guests can mingle and take photos until the ceremony. Your planner should ask everyone to take their places as the ceremony will begin in minutes. If you don’t have one, an usher or a designated friend can assist with this task. )

Your guests may not have realized that you’re having an outdoor ceremony. They may not have considered applying sunblock. It’s always nice to have an area near or in the bathroom with outdoor essentials like sunblock, kids’ sunscreen, and bug spray (just for the record). There are many other options, such as mints, deodorant and tide pens. This was what we did for our wedding. We also added Purell and Wet Wipes. Pinterest is full of great ideas for bridal reception bathroom baskets.

This one is for ladies and all other amazing people who wear heels. (I envy you. I’d roll an ankle! High heels and grass do not mix. Consider putting a note on your website or wedding invitations stating that wedges or thick heels are preferred for ceremonies in the grass. Grab some Go-Go Heel Stoppers. Getting the brand name for your wedding party would be a good idea. You will spend a lot of time on the grass for the ceremony and photos. You can also get off-brand pairs at $20 for 20 (and then place them in your guest’s bathroom baskets). ).

For outdoor ceremonies that result in great photos, the most important thing to remember is to ensure you, your fiance and your bridal party are all looking at each other. Cameras cannot see the difference between sunlight and shade and our eyes. If one of your eyes is in the sun and the other is in the shade, the camera will show the difference. As much as possible, try to be in the same light as your fiance and, if possible, your entire wedding party. You can find more information in my post.

These tips will help you rock your outdoor wedding ceremony. You can also leave me any additional tips in the comments. I’m always open to learning new tips that will help my couples during their wedding day!